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Life Insurance Plans

Fun Fact

Insurance is one of the things we need in life, yet we hope we never have to use it.

Insurance is caring

Protect yourself and loved ones against the uncertainties of life.

Savings Plans

Dream BIG

As we dream big, we think far. Plan a savings and investment strategy to conquer your upcoming life goals.

Plan ahead for life's events

Children education, mortgage loan, retirement plans...
Planning starts now !

Prepare for the unexpected

Medical plans

It is no secret that medical insurance is of utmost importance - this is especially true in a nation like Singapore that has an alerting medical inflation rate of 18%. An uninsured individual might end up financially crippled in the event of a health-related emergency. Often, these situations require extensive medical treatments that come with a hefty price tag.

Take up a medical plan today to ensure the cost deriving from medical care will not eat into your own hard-earned savings. Simply speak to a licensed financial consultant to find out which type of plan will cater to your needs most.

Life is beautiful. Treasure it.

Life insurance

Most experts will say that sound financial planning begins with a solid and comprehensive medical insurance coverage. If you have gotten your medical plans sorted out – that’s great! What’s next then?

The unequivocal answer would be a Life Policy, which is also commonly known as a wealth protection or income replacement plan. A financially savvy individual would understand the concept of setting aside 5% to 10% of their income, in order to safeguard 100% of their assets. And that is exactly the effect that a life policy is designed to give.


Start planning for future events

Savings Plans

Saving money is definitely important, but is there a smarter way of doing it? Be it a frugal individual, or one with a lavish spending habit, committing to a savings plan is certainly one of the simplest and most strategic manner of saving money.

Why is this so ?


  • Medical plans
  • Life insurance
  • Savings Plans

Wealth Accumulation


One of the most compelling reasons for us to invest is the prospect of not having to work our entire life, as well as the sweet thought of early retirement. However, investing can prove to be daunting for someone without much experience and financial knowledge. Nonetheless, this does not mean a less savvy individual should eliminate the thought of using investments as a tool to grow their wealth.

Want to know if investment is suitable for you ?


Insuring is caring

Take care of your family

We have all heard of the saying - cash is king. And while money cannot buy us happiness, it is certainly a major consideration when it comes to building a home from scratch.

If you are intending to start a family, it is essential to work out your cash flow, and a simple financial analysis will be able to give you an idea of what you can/cannot include in your life plans.

To request for a financial analysis form, you may do so by leaving a comment via the request a consultation button. Alternatively, I will be more than happy to walk you through this step should you require assistance.

Your financial consultant

Meet Mon

Upon graduating from the University of Newcastle with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, Mon was fortunate enough to land a position as a financial consultant with Prudential, the leading insurance provider in Singapore. He was awarded top Rookie consultant of his organisation during his first year with the company, and has since been promoted to Senior Financial Consultant and Premier Consultant in year 2017.

As a "firm believer of bringing about positive changes wherever we are, in whatever capacity", Mon thrives in adding value to people’s lives professionally and personally through the benefits of insurance and sound financial planning. He hopes to raise awareness regarding the importance of the latter by sharing his professional knowledge and experiences with the people he encounters.


What our clients say...

View the full list of testimonials on my LinkedIn or Testimonials page.

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It is often difficult to find someone who are passionate about what they do but in Mon Chao I definitely find that spark !

Ming Er Lee 2017-03-29

Doing something you are good at, and doing it without being pushed to, indicates that you've found one of your passions. Mon is one trusted working partner & team mate. He truly makes commitment to become excellent in what he does!

Eunice Yuen 2017-03-27

One of my supportive agent. Very informative and knowledgeable. 👍

Martin Adenin 2017-03-07

His passion for his career and his determination to help other people reach their potential have always fascinated me

Nick Harinos 2017-03-09

I have purchased a number of policies in the past, at different stages of my life and also in other countries, but I have seldom before encountered such a level of excellence and professionalism.

Gil Schneider 2017-03-07

Whether in recommending the best-suited plan for an individual, or advising on the benefits and/or differences between plans, he would always make sure that his clients are well-informed, and well taken care of – especially in times of crises.

Caren Keung 2017-03-11

He communicates well, understands the needs of his clients and is never pushy or in a rush to close a deal.

Yongzhi Huang 2017-03-01

Mon takes takes it a step further by being able to show deep understanding in the situation of his client before recommending what is most relevant and helpful. In short, he listens, and then he delivers.

Jared Tan 2017-02-01

He is knowledgable and well-versed in his products. He takes the time to really know what my needs are which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level.

Rachel Chew 2017-03-07

During the consultation, he managed to make things fun and easily digestible for a layman like myself. The recommendations he made after understanding my situation, was superior to that of what other consultants have provided me.

Yvonne Gan 2017-01-01

He went through the extra mile in making sure that he understood what I needed before making the appropriate recommendations to cater to my needs.

Maxime Lemeunier 2017-03-07

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