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Testimonials are transcribed from my LinkedIn recommendations page.

Kelvin Soo
Mon was suggested by a friend to help me review my policies since it was years since I reviewed them. After the first consultation with him, I managed to have a clear idea of my existing coverage and the steps required to get myself well-covered. Eventually, I have decided to enhance my plans through him. I was very satisfied with his professionalism and clarity, and he follows up promptly. Furthermore, his sincere concern for my financial well-being made me feel very comfortable to seek his advices. In a nutshell, I would highly recommend Mon to anyone else !
Ming Er Lee
I crossed path with Mon Chao in January 2016 while he was exploring and seeking new opportunity. Mon is an unique individual with good EQ and able to connect with everyone he come into contact with that will leave an everlasting impression.
Mon had proven his worth and had value add as an individual. For a fresh graduate and someone new in the industry, he has the charisma and super power in breaking his own boundaries and able to bring the organization to greater heights in a short span of time while he was exploring, pursuing and building his career with the job he does and the services he delivers.
His follow through and accountability is handled with aplomb! That makes him special and stands out from the other individuals . Mon is an enthusiastic and passionate young man. It is often difficult to find someone who are passionate about what they do but in Mon Chao I definitely find that spark! "
As the saying goes: " Success is not for the chosen few, its for those who choose it " I had personally witness this statement in Mon Chao.
Eunice Yuen
Doing something you are good at, and doing it without being pushed to, indicates that you've found one of your passions. Mon is one trusted working partner & team mate. He truly makes commitment to become excellent in what he does!
Martin Adenin
One of my supportive agent. Very informative and knowledgeable. šŸ‘
Gil Schneider
It is with pleasure that I share my experience with Mon concerning my recent insurance needs.
I have purchased a number of policies in the past, at different stages of my life and also in other countries, but I have seldom before encountered such a level of excellence and professionalism. The experience at each phase of deciding on the right policy was superior in every respect. Mon really understood the requirements and expectations, and also addressed issues important to an expat. Rather than selling a standard product, he went out of his way to find the ideal solution for me. All was accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.
Thus, I can highly recommend Mon for your health and life insurance needs.
Nick Harinos
Mon has been a great friend. He has always been willing to listen to my troubles and has advised me numerous times. His passion for his career and his determination to help other people reach their potential have always fascinated me and I look forward to seeing him grow and succeed.
Caren Keung
I have known Mon for close to 4 years now, and as a friend, he has always been honest, earnest, dependable and committed. Hence, it was quite like a natural instinct, knowing that I would be in good hands with Mon as my agent. Whether in recommending the best-suited plan for an individual, or advising on the benefits and/or differences between plans, he would always make sure that his clients are well-informed, and well taken care of ā€“ especially in times of crises. Having an agent whom is committed to his clients, as much (if not more) than the gain of the job, is something money can never buy. That is the relationship you will developing, in working with Mon.
Yongzhi Huang
I have known Mon personally for the past six years have always found him to be really genuine and caring. We recently got in touch after a while and he has really matured professionally. He communicates well, understands the needs of his clients and is never pushy or in a rush to close a deal. Prior to meeting him, I never truly understood how having insufficient insurance coverage could impair myself financially. After a few consultation sessions with him, he helped me understand how to better protect myself financially and other strategies to manage my wealth. I am looking forward to many years of working together and would be more than happy to recommend his service to others who needs a financial advisor.
Jared Tan
While a wide knowledge of financial policies is a must when one engages a financial consultant, Mon takes takes it a step further by being able to show deep understanding in the situation of his client before recommending what is most relevant and helpful. In short, he listens, and then he delivers. What I especially love about working with him is his commitment and enthusiasm to follow up on your cases which helps give one the much-needed assurance to insure with him.
Rachel Chew
Mon is a very meticulous consultant who goes the extra mile for his clients. given the nature of my job, I have very hectic and unfixed daily schedule. However, he also ensures to complement me in my schedule and maximise the most of each appointment I have with him. He is knowledgeable and well-versed in his products. He takes the time to really know what my needs are which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level.He regularly provide updates and have always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within my portfolio. Transitioning from Aviva to Prudential has been much easier thanks to Mon's guidance.
Yvonne Gan
Talking about insurance and financial planningĀ has always been a process that IĀ dread,Ā butĀ Mon has certainly changed thatĀ for me.Ā DuringĀ the consultation, heĀ managed to makeĀ things fun and easily digestible for a layman like myself.Ā TheĀ recommendations heĀ made after understanding my situation, was superior toĀ that of what other consultants have provided me. He even helpedĀ me saveĀ some money after refinancing my financial portfolio.Ā As a satisfied client,Ā I would definitely recommend Mon to any of my friends or family who are looking for a good financial consultant.
Maxime Lemeunier
Having entrusted my financial planning with Mon, I had the chance to witness his professionalism, work ethics, care and concern for his clients as a financial planner. He went through the extra mile in making sure that he understood what I needed before making the appropriate recommendations to cater to my needs. I'm thankful to have known Mon and will highly recommend his service to anyone looking for financial planning.

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